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Welcome to Ballard Collaborative Law


Welcome to Ballard Collaborative Law


I am excited to announce, after 20 years of operating as the Law Offices of Kevin R. Scudder, the emergence of Ballard Collaborative Law, Arbitration & Mediation, Inc.

“Emergence” is a good way to describe the change.  Since I first started my law practice I have known that there is a better way to practice law than what I was taught in law school and how it is traditionally practiced.  I just did not know what it was.

In 2008 it all came together when I took my basic collaborative training.  The introduction to the collaborative process was a validation that law is best practiced when it includes the following principles:

A client-focused process, putting the client and their children first;

A focus on win – win, rather than win – lose;

Civility when working with other professionals;

Honesty and transparency; and,

A cost-effective process.

As I have integrated these principles into my work, and increased my skills with continued training in collaboration and mediation, my clients have benefitted as the legal process is more about them, rather than what a court would rule in their case.

Why Ballard?  I moved to Ballard in 1991, still live here, and have raised two daughters here.  If Fremont is the center of the known universe as it claims, Ballard is a very close second.

My office is currently in Northgate and I will have BCLAM (Northgate) even after I open an office in Ballard.

I look forward to another 20 years of legal practice as Ballard Collaborative Law, Mediation & Arbitration.

I hope that you will come and visit us any time you have the need for legal assistance.

I know you will see that at BCLAM we do things differently.

We do things better.




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