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Welcome to Ballard Collaborative Law

Since 1995 we have been providing quality legal services to clients in King, Snohomish, Pierce and Island counties as the Law Offices of Kevin R. Scudder.  Our focus has been on family law litigation, with an active personal injury, estate planning and probate practice.

Over the years we did a lot of litigation, enabling people to delegate to the courts their decision-making on issues impacting their futures.

We did this not knowing that there was a superior way for clients to choose as a means to address their conflict.

Collaborative Practice was born in 1990 in Minneapolis, MN with one man’s commitment to turn the litigation model upside down.  Rather than helping people delegate their decision-making to the courts, Stu Webb practiced in a way that focused on the client maintaining their decision-making authority by creating resolutions that reflected what the clients feel is fair and just.

The key to the Collaborative process is listening to our clients and exploring with them their needs and interests.  Once these are identified we are better able to help our clients get through the conflict in which they find themselves.

Ask yourself this simple question:

Does conflict help or hinder your realizing your needs and interests?

If you believe that it hinders achieving your goals, then let us help you work through the conflict and get to that place where your needs and interests can be met.

Now it is time for our name to reflect the work that we do with our clients.  We are more than a law office.  We are a neighborhood group of Collaborative practitioners whose aim is to lessen conflict and better our community.  Since we started providing Collaborative services we have realized a surge of client satisfaction in the results that we have helped them build.

Welcome to Ballard Collaborative Law.

We do things differently.

We do things better.