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Estate Planning

A good estate plan includes a Directive to Physicians, a Durable Power of Attorney: Medical and Financial, and a Last Will & Testament. Please contact me to set up an estate planning consultation and I will help you understand the importance of each of these documents and why each should be included in your planning.

Probate describes the legal process of administering the estate of a deceased person. Probate in the State of Washington is generally an easy process, though each Estate can have its own issues. In the vast majority of cases the process is cost- efficient and the role of the attorney is to prepare the initial pleadings needed to get the Will filed and entered for probate, directing the Personal Representative on what needs to get done, and, when the Personal Representative has completed everything needed, to prepare and file the necessary pleadings to close the estate.

While there are more intricacies to the process the main focus is on making sure that the intent of the person who passed away is realized.

A person with a good estate plan will make the probate process more streamlined and will reduce the costs of probate.